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Welcome to the EMCC Global Research Conference
Celebrating and flourishing:
A Dialogue Between Research & Practice in Coaching, Mentoring and Supervision

8th September 2022

If you are ready to innovate your practice with the newest thinking or develop cutting-edge research to make an impact, then this conference is for you!

PRACTITIONER, are you looking for the latest evidence-based insights to help you up your game without the science lingo getting in the way?

RESEARCHER, are you looking for ways for your research to reach practitioners and see it applied as intended?

Join the Dialogue


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EMCC Global invites you to a dialogue in a virtual interactive marketplace of ideas for practitioners and researchers in coaching, mentoring and supervision. Take the chance to engage in a journey through the 3 I’s of research for real collaborations to produce an evidence base to meet the complex challenges facing our community:

  • Importance of research to our practice, with a tribute to Professor Anthony Grant

  • Implementation of research in practice, browsing through a market place of research

  • Innovation as a collaborative process, co-creating research to address complex challenges.

Whether you identify as practitioner or researcher, this conference is for you!

Professional Attending a Seminar
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